Thursday, March 25, 2010


Once upon a time there was a rats nest and a little boy. The little boy decided one day that he should place the nest upon his head and suddenly, he became voltron. Or the guyver or something, but most importantly, he looked like this bitch kE$HA. THE FACT THAT I HAVE TO HIT THE SHIFT KEY TO TYPE THAT ANGERS ME.

I am a fine taster of pop music, a conniseur if you will. I have tasted every britney b-side, every rare madonna remix of " holiday", and have taken like a pup to the teet over Lady Gaga, so I KNOW POP MUSIC. I turned on my TV tonight to have some ambient noise, and thooought I heard " rupauls drag race", since I clearly heard a feminine man complaining through song about something. When I ran into the living room, it was actually this bitch singing. To my surprise, this tranny was trying to be a few things she ought not try:
a. a woman
b. edgy/manly( or hardcore)
c. dirty?

I just want you to know something KE$HA, seriously, from the bottom of my heart. Lady gaga and Justin Beiber are TRYING TO FIX SHIT AROUND HERE. MAKE IT PALATABLE. TAKE A BATH. FIND A CHURCH. Dont fuck it up for us.


  1. LOL Find a toothbrush and some crest while shes at it. stank whiskey breath