Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great article from Julian Andrews.

Growing up

You know, its funny to see how fast life changes.

I recently got out of a relationship, and fell victim to the pitfalls of loneliness that generally is attached to it. I cant honestly bare the sensation of knowing that I dont have that other person. Sure, I could have fuck buddies and friends around, but just the missing of that partner for me is the hardest thing in this world. I havent been really, truly single since i was 16, so to imagine as a grown man what its like to really enjoy yourself without another person was just not possible, especially with the looming fear of not finishing my line for the biggest runway show of my life.

I worked really hard on my runway show for Gainesville fashion week, and was regularly missing sleep and meals. To deal with a breakup at the same time literally pushed me to my limits.

The show was a success, and every article that was published was amazing. I admit I had a crying spell after reading some, just knowing how much emotion and energy was spent for the shred of acceptance that it brings. This happened while I was washing dishes, which made the moment sooooo Joan Crawford( im convinced I should have been standing on a little girl as a stool to seal the deal).

My friend Natalie came into the kitchen and was like " what happened?", and all I could do was stammer praises for all of the people involved with GFW. All she had to say was " Bobby, you deserved it.", and I realized how special the people in my life truly are and honestly, how awesome it is to build your own family. You are the people around you, and its important to keep good company. Lesson learned.

Thank god I hate boys.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Form or Disfunction?

Fashion design is not an easy job, folks.

I interviewed an intern candidate last year, and to my surprise, wasn't surprised at all. When I asked him about his sewing experience, his response was " sewing? I thought you just made people look good and drank all the time." While one of those things may be true in my case, playing dress up and raiding your sisters closet is NOT design.

I always find it funny when someone says they are " more fashionable" or a " designer". These terms are thrown around so loosely these days, they tend to become slightly diluted.

With fashion week LITERALLY days away, I cant begin to say how proud I am of my former intern Kenneth McCraney for debuting his first collection. He has spent so many tireless hours, sewing until dawn to make our shows happen. Its awesome to see him coming into his own. As designers, the one drawback you find, and one that can become quickly defeating, are the people that advertise themselves as "designers". All they tend to do is rummage the thrift store and porn shops to slap together some hell-acious disaster. We can quickly become categorized with these WABs, but they dont put the blood, sweat, and tears that we do into seeing our vision come together, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing something go from your head to the runway.

It would be like telling a teacher that the internet is doing a better job than they are.

With that off my chest, heres to an AWESOME GAINESVILLE FASHION WEEK!!!