Monday, May 10, 2010


Im trying to get into summer, i guess i need to dust off those cut off shorts.......

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FASHION POSTS: Trend deaths come in 3's

As we round the corner to another 100% humidity summer, I want to take the time and remember those we lost this year to over exposure and mass production.

1. 80's neon

Dont get me wrong, neon is a great thing. Hunters need it for protection, and Ligers use it to be awesome. The problem here, much like everything else in america, is that its WAY overdone, to the point of nausea. The point is to throwback to the 80s, add a pop of color to your look, or stand out under blacklights. They didnt wear neon like this 20 years ago. Let it go, Let it go.

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2. FUR - How did an eastern european neccessity become a staple for sluts to accessorize their tampons? There is something very wrong in FLORIDA when its 99 degrees outside and you see a sorority girl wearing them with jean shorts and a halter top( I hunted facebook for a good 2 hours for a picture and realized sorority girls dont take pictures of their feet- just air kissing.) Unless youre an inuit go-go dancer, dont even attempt it.

I should have known that when a lower socioeconomic class got their hands on this one, it was doomed. Like any good ghetto girl will tell you, "If it aint got eeerings to match, it aint wurf it." I havent seen fur earrings. yet.

3. men wearing womens jeans. heads up boys, the world has caught up.