Sunday, March 28, 2010

FASHION POST:track suits and lipstick

I dont endorse track suits. How many have you actually seen on a track? If you were to wear it on a track, would it need to be velour , and would you need to be in full hair and makeup?

A few weeks ago, I was at the gym next to the treadmills and was literally staring at the girls next to me. They were both in club wear, wearing flip-flops( white) and literally looked like they were having wedding photos done, due to there WHORE-endous updos's and makeup. I was gagging because they were both hosed in marc jacobs perfume. I was mesmerized. I couldnt believe someone would take the time to " get ready" to go to the gym like that. I looked over at her speed to see how fast one can walk in platform flip-flops. She was walking at .5, meaning not even "1" speed. how tragic. I pause my ipod so I can listen in on these bitches ramble, and this plastic bitch is explaining to her friend that if she doesnt get her grades up her mother is going to CUT HER CLOTHING ALLOWANCE!OMGLOLZ! Her friend tries to contort her face into pity, when the girl says" UH MU GOD! HE IS SSOOOOO LOUD!" talking about me working out next to them. I was like " YOU ARE AT A GYM. IT IS LOUD." She freaked because she didnt realize that sound travels.

MY point is that, if you must dress frumpy, look frumpy. Dont try and cute it up. If you need to look frumpy, smack a belt on a tank, throw on some big sunglasses, rat your hair up a little bit, like really look casual. Grasp the concept of what youre doing. Dont look like a pageant queen about to run some cancer charity 5k in full hair and makeup. Its not called " make down" for a reason.


  1. You actually said it to her right? Ha ha ha ridiculous.

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