Sunday, May 15, 2011

obligatory high school slam

Ugh, my high school reunion is around the corner.

I had truly waited for this day to come, so that I could show up see everyone married, fat, etc. Recently, only due to the onset of this horrific event did I begin to do my research. my romy and michelle moment was at hand.

I hated high school. Passionately. I was bullied within an inch of my life, from everyone. I attempted to find solice within each specific group, but never truly found a niche. Even the gay kids at my high school sucked and made my life a living hell.

So here we are 10 years later. Im over it in the way that it doesnt affect me, but not in the way that ill forget it. Im successful, happy, and doing what i love, so how could i hate these people that have steeped and settled into mediocrity so fitting, it was like they invented middle class!! I want to go to show people that I survived and actually did what i wanted despite their past behavior, and on the other side of the coin I want them to see me succeed from afar and feel the loss of not being apart of my life.

Oh well. I guess ill just have to wait.

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