Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, its been awhile since ive posted, so lets see....

I just had two really successful shows, one in jacksonville and one in gainesville. I won best collection at Jacksonville fashion week, which was pretty awesome. Everyone says my dresses in GFW were too short, but do you expect a party girl to wear a robe out?

I want you to check out my website in its entirety and stop by the store!! pick up a shirt, or a couture dress, whatever you like.

Ive been transitioning recently with my boyfriend just moving in. Its weird sharing your space. I have to be conscious of the fact that i leave beer cans everywhere and my sewing room tends to look like some sort of fabric genocide happened there.

I also signed a really cool deal with 330 couture to design a collection for them called 330 by bobbyk. Im pretty excited, as it will allow me to do sooo many cool things.. I know you guys will like it.more details to come soon.

well off to figure out how to organize my office....


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